A Dinner Among Climate Experts

There are so many different strategies to tackling the climate catastrophe, each weighted in a different philosophy or worldview. In the comic below, I took some key actors who assert their own approaches to living with (or simply not) and working against the climate crisis and placed them at a dinner party to compare and contrast their approaches through a critical lens. 

While you are reading the comic, it is important that you are aware of my bias which is grounded in bottom-up, mutual-aid-based, structural critiques of Empire, and collective responses to this system. Considering that, I ask you to consider what your biases are to the climate crisis– do you have any? Who’s plate sounds the most appealing to you– and why? 

While mulling this over, reflect on what the dominant narrative is that surrounds addressing the climate catastrophe and why that is what we are presented with. With that in mind, imagine that you invited your friends and family over for the climate dinner– what would you bring? What do you think your guests would bring and what does that symbolize in relation to the narrative around climate action and those you surround yourself with? Do you have a climate community grounded in autonomy? Or do you have a divide amongst those you are closest with? What do you think this means in relation to how you interact with the climate crisis? Is it effective to be in collective agreeance (such as taking a bit of everyone’s meal) or are you firm on your own dish? 

Lastly, when we reflect on comfort and discomfort (when choosing our meals in this context), I think it is valuable to self-locate: where does this come from inside yourself when you look at the social components that make up your identity? How would you like to grow? These are all deep questions (and may take time to ponder over), but they serve the purpose of understanding and untangling our identities from our values and how we approach the world and ultimately the climate crisis. And, for us to act, we must know where it is grounded in, otherwise, it might not be grounded in critical and sound thought at all.

Now, it’s comic time! Take a look, flip it around, zoom in if you need to– oh, and the french fries say: “top down force” and the butternut squash says “radical transformation.”

Learn more from the brilliant minds of:

Gelderloos**, Bendell, Powys White and Woodbine Collective.

** misspelled in the comic.

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